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  • Leather and vinyl Restoration

    We have the ability to repair and restore the original look of both vinyl and quality leathers.

  • Single panel replacements

    If your original materials are beyond repair we can replace damaged areas with material to match.

  • Complete Re-upholstery

    We have many years experience in upholstery replacement and design.

  • Custom color changes

    Providing your current material is in good shape we can offer a custom new look by refinishing to your color choice.

  • Duplication of original colors

    With many original materials it is virtually impossible to find exact replacements. However we can refinish vinyl’s and leathers, even metallic’s.

  • Carpet replacements

    We have very good sources for original and replacement carpet.

  • Custom upholstery design

    You want something unique! We can design it with you.

  • And so much more

    Whatever your replacement, restoration, or custom upholstery needs contact Chade for a consultation.

Specializng in High-end car restoration

Chade has extensive experience restoring a vast array of vehicles. He specializes in high-end cars, including Porche, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Bentley, antique cars, and collectibles to name just a few.

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